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Teaching English Abroad: Deal or No Deal?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about teaching abroad. Specifically, where to do it and how much money you can make while doing so. Let’s be honest, when you’re thinking about making the big move, money is an important deciding factor.

Straight out of college, I decided I wasn’t going to stick around for a nine-to-five job. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I believe most of my friends are happy with their current jobs! But, having studied abroad during my junior year in college, I was desperate to go back out into the world again and experience everything I could. So, I hightailed out of the states and landed in rural Japan. Technically, I landed in the bustling city of Tokyo and then got on a seven-hour bus ride to the rural rice paddies of Japan. While teaching English to some of Japan’s cutest kids, I also ate, drank, learned, and wandered to my heart’s content. Everything about living and just being abroad fascinated me. It still does!


Exploring Kyoto: Top 4 Unique Things To Do

With so much history, culture, and rich traditions, Kyoto is high on the list of any world traveler! But with so many options and a limited window of opportunity, how do you know where to go or what to do?

Fret not! I’m pleased to announce that my very first travel post has been published by travelicious.world! It details the typical places that most tourists go to when they visit the beautiful city of Kyoto. But what you might be more interested in is the list of the top four unique things to do in the prefecture.

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